Vote in the 2016 General Election

Last Update: 9/15/2016 11:28:19 AM

Video below encourages voters to "Pledge to Vote" in the 2016 general election on November 8.

 (Video can be downloaded HERE or seen and shared on FaceBook HERE)

The condition and future of the American family, culture, and government depends on how citizen Christians engage these three realms with a biblical worldview. Yes, God is sovereign, but He uses Christians to bring about change that glorifies Him.

In the 2012 general election, 20-30 million Christians did not vote. Only 50% of Christians are registered to vote. Encourage others to register to vote and vote on Nov. 8. An increase in 1-2% of Christian voters will have a significant impact on elections.

As Christians are "salt and light", then increasingly families will be restored, culture will embrace biblical truth, and government be led by God-fearing leaders.

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