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We Only Have 24 Hours Before Democrats Crush Religious Freedom

Tuesday, November 15, 2022 11:27 AM

Emboldened by Democrat victories in last week’s federal and state elections, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is moving quickly to force the deceptively-named “Respect for Marriage Act” through the U.S. Senate. We are getting news that the Senate intends to vote on the bill on Wednesday, November 16. That means we only have 24 hours to act.

We need you to call your U.S. senator today and ask him/her to Vote “No!” on the Respect for Marriage Act.

You may recall that, working together, we stopped the Respect for Marriage Act a few months ago. After we beat them the first time, the Democrats promised to bring the legislation up for a vote after the midterm elections.

The Respect for Marriage Act would provide federal protection for same-sex marriage. It has ALREADY passed the U.S. House, with 47 Republican votes. If we don’t act now, it will pass the U.S. Senate this week.

The Democrats need 10 Republican senators to support their radical agenda. We need YOU to push back. We need you to flood your Republican senators’ offices and tell them to vote “No!” on the Respect for Marriage Act.

The purpose of the Respect for Marriage Act is to make sure conservatives never restore traditional marriage. The bill would make it very difficult to overturn existing Supreme Court opinions using the same approach we used to reverse Roe v. Wade. That approach entailed working with state legislatures to encourage the courts to continually revisit the issue of abortion, to continually question whether abortion is protected under the 14th Amendment, and to continually tell the truth about the sanctity of human life.

If the Respect for Marriage Act passes, this strategic approach will become very difficult. The Left knows this – and they are hoping the American public doesn’t care. They are hoping Christians will be divided – and silent. We cannot be silent. We must tell the truth about marriage – that there is simply no such thing as a “same-sex” marriage. Call it what you will – a “civil union,” a “mutual tax-benefit association,” a “formal roommate arrangement”… but it’s not marriage. It’s just not.

We can’t allow our U.S. senators to promote this lie by providing federal protection for same-sex marriage. We need you to call and email your U.S. senator and tell him/her to vote “No” on the Respect for Marriage Act.

The Democrats and some Republicans are claiming the Respect for Marriage Act has been fixed so that it protects religious freedom. This is a lie. The proposed changes to the bill apply in relation to the “solemnization or celebration of a marriage.” In other words, the proposed amendment really only protects pastors and churches – but NOT Christian schools and universities. And NOT Christian adoption agencies. And NOT any Christian nonprofit organization, other than a church.

The Respect for Marriage Act will be used by the IRS to strip Christian schools and universities of their nonprofit status. The Act will be used by the Biden administration to target as many Christian nonprofit organizations as possible. The Act will also be used to prevent any state from challenging, or even questioning, the reigning ideology of same-sex marriage and the entire LGBTQ+ agenda that comes with it.

Please don’t assume your call won’t matter. Please don’t assume that because you live in a Red State your senator will vote “No.” Democrats are claiming the amended Respect for Marriage Act will get enough Republican votes to pass this week.

That’s why we need an All Out Blitz. We need your help!

We need EVERY Republican senator to understand that their constituents are opposed to the Respect for Marriage Act and that no compromise or amendment is acceptable. Please take 5 minutes and contact your U.S. senator today.

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