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Urge MS Legislature to Stop Obamacare

Monday, April 4, 2022 2:14 PM


What does it mean to be a Christian lawmaker? Lawmakers talk a lot about “Christian values.” But what are these values? At AFA Action, we believe politics must be informed by a Christian worldview. This worldview unapologetically affirms the sanctity of life and family values as rooted in the Bible.

We need your help to reach out to lawmakers to help them understand this worldview. Today, we hear a lot about how “Christian values” require that we embrace same-sex marriage or transgenderism (It’s about love, right? … and God is love.). We are told that “Christian values” mean we should have completely open borders – as if letting drug cartels control our Southern border is a good thing. And we hear that socialized medicine – even government programs that benefit Planned Parenthood – should be expanded to “help the poor.” Because that’s a “Christian value” too – in spite of the clear biblical mandate that able-bodied adults who don’t work also don’t get to eat (2 Thess. 3:10).

This kind of posturing has reached a fever pitch in Mississippi over an effort to expand Obamacare to able-bodied adults. The Left’s strategy is to use the sympathetic category of postpartum women to expand Medicaid. 

We need your help now. Contact and urge Mississippi legislators to vote no on Obamacare Medicaid expansion for able-bodied, postpartum women in Mississippi. Insist they pass HB 1685. 

Already, pregnant women can get on Medicaid from day one of their pregnancy, but under this proposed legislation there would be no requirement to show proof of pregnancy.  Already, their children are covered by Medicaid and CHIP from day one – up to the age of 19. Already, these women receive two months of post-pregnancy subsidized health care from the state. 

But now we are being told it is “heartless” and “harsh” not to expand this coverage to 12 months. Even worse, this Obamacare expansion is being framed as the true ‘pro-life’ position.  The liberal argument goes like this: “If you are truly pro-life, however, it is not enough to make abortions more difficult to obtain. … If a pregnant woman of limited means knows that she will have decent medical coverage not only during her pregnancy but up to a year afterward, that removes one of the concerns that might lead to an abortion.”

Really? Expanding welfare is the way to stop abortion? By that definition, Joe Biden and Barack Obama are pro-life superstars!

And let’s not forget that Medicaid is one of the primary ways pro-abortion groups like Planned Parenthood pull down hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer money. Expanding Medicaid for able-bodied women ultimately furthers Planned Parenthood’s agenda.

Don’t let these Big Government apologists get away with it. Contact your Mississippi House member and state senator and tell them to vote no on Medicaid expansion!

The arguments for expanding Medicaid beyond the already generous federal standards for postpartum women don’t even add up. The main argument is that if these mothers should have another baby within one year of the birth of the first baby (very unlikely!) – well, then, expanding Obamacare to these women will reduce pregnancy-related deaths. But if the purpose of Medicaid expansion is to provide taxpayer-funded insurance to every woman who MIGHT have a baby, that means coverage needs to continue for decades.

Expanding Obamacare is bad for women. Expanding Medicaid – which has horrible health care outcomes – is bad for women. Expanding Medicaid is good for Planned Parenthood. 

We need to stop politicians trying to hijack pro-life causes to promote a Leftist, Big Government agenda.

Call your Mississippi House member and state senator today and tell them to vote no on Medicaid expansion.

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Romans 13:1 (NIV)

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