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Tell Pres. Biden to scrap vaccine mandates

Thursday, January 6, 2022 11:20 AM

President Joe Biden promised in December 2020 he would not make covid vaccines mandatory, saying, “I don’t think they should be mandatory. I wouldn’t demand it to be mandatory.” 

By September 2021, Biden broke that promise and went full throttle, mandating vaccines. Biden mandated vaccines for those employed by private sector businesses having more than 100 employees. Biden then doubled down on his broken promise by mandating covid vaccines for federal employees and for healthcare workers at facilities participating in Medicare and Medicaid.

Furthermore, while running for president, Biden said he had a plan to “shut down the virus.” However, President Biden recently said on a call with state governors, “There is no federal solution. This gets solved at the state level.”

Take action now and tell President Biden to scrap and rescind his illegal vaccine mandates.

U.S. citizens must understand how Biden’s vaccination mandate violates principles of American government civics. Abraham Hamilton III, public policy analyst for AFA, rightly explains this:

Every ounce of this proposed executive action is illegal and unconstitutional. The United States of America is a constitutional republic with representative democratic features. Our Constitution separates power within the federal government. In our federal executive branch, we have a president. Not a king! In our republican form of government, as expressed in Article IV, Section 4 of our U.S. Constitution, we enjoy the benefit of separate sovereignty. The bulk of emergency power in our nation rests in state government. Not in the U.S. executive branch. A president’s role and powers are different than those charged with state governance. Article 2 of our U.S. Constitution sets the parameter, the limits, for executive power. Nowhere in it will you find any authority whatsoever for the [Joe Biden] Administration to compel private companies to force their staffs to inject their bodies with anything or to test them. Period.

President Biden’s violation of the U.S. Constitution, his broken promises, and his surrender of the covid battle demands a strong response. We urge citizens to take a cue from Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who demanded that Biden scrap his “useless” and unconstitutional vaccine mandates.

Don’t allow a tyrannical leader to violate the U.S. Constitution without first holding him accountable. 

Take action now and tell President Biden to scrap and rescind his illegal vaccine mandates.

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"Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God."

Romans 13:1 (NIV)

"We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow men who pervert the Constitution."

- Abraham Lincoln