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Stop Biden from Taking Over Your Healthcare

Wednesday, November 2, 2022 2:10 PM

Take Action: Submit your comment today to stop the Biden takeover of American healthcare.

Imagine if the Biden administration and the globalists controlled America’s food supply. (Hint: They’re working on it.) Imagine if they controlled America’s energy production. (Also working on it.) And imagine if they controlled your doctor and your local hospital. … Unfortunately, thanks to several proposed rules from the Biden administration, we are very close to this horrible reality.

One of these rules is on the fast track, but you can make a difference today by submitting a comment expressing your opposition to this proposed rule.

We have to act fast, though. The deadline to submit comments is 11:59 EST on November 7, 2022. Fortunately, it’s as easy as writing a short email or social media post.

Government control of healthcare means the government will decide who gets treatment – and who doesn’t. The government will decide what procedures (abortion and transgender reassignment surgery for minors, for instance) are prioritized and which are not (end-of-life care). The government will decide which doctors and healthcare professionals get rewarded and which do not. Doctors and hospitals that go along with the government will make more money. Doctors and hospitals that have conscientious objections to pro-abortion and pro-transgender policies will be cut off from government funding.

That’s why we have to stop the Biden administration. They are expanding Obamacare using an illegal rule change related to Medicaid. The rule will make it very difficult for states to verify Medicaid eligibility. It will open the door wide to fraud and waste. It will also make it very easy for illegal aliens to enroll in Medicaid, crashing the system and leaving uninformed voters begging for the government to “save” both Medicaid and Medicare.

Loose enrollment standards forced on the states during the COVID-19 public health emergency are already costing taxpayers $16 billion a month, according to an analysis conducted by the Foundation for Government Accountability. If this rule stands, Medicaid costs will skyrocket and likely hit almost $1 trillion a year for state and federal taxpayers by 2027.

TAKE ACTION: File your comment in opposition to this proposed rule that will help transform Medicaid/Medicare into socialized medicine. Submitting a comment is as easy as writing a quick email.

Welfare dependency is destroying American families. It encourages fathers not to work and sets a bad example for children. Medicaid, in particular, is a very expensive welfare program and is draining state budgets, leaving less money for priorities like roads and education. 

This proposed rule change will destroy the Medicaid program as we know it, ushering in government-controlled healthcare. This will lead to longer wait times, higher death rates, and lower-quality care.

Already, the Biden administration has had to withdraw two rules because of overwhelming public opposition. The best way to stop this rule right now is to help us flood the system with public comments.

By law, every agency must allow citizens to comment on rules. Doing so forces government bureaucrats to listen to public opinion and sets the stage for future legal victories. 

It’s easy to do. Just share your thoughts. A personalized comment with your own views and story is best. Each unique comment requires an individualized response from the Biden administration.

The Biden administration must count and review every comment submitted by 11:59 EST on November 7, 2022. 

TAKE ACTION: Submit your comment today

Submitting a comment is very easy. The most important thing is to personalize your comment. You can do this by saying what state you are from and why high-quality healthcare is important to you. In order to submit a comment, follow these easy steps:

1. Click this link
2. Type in your comment
3. Choose “Other – OT001” in the “about” field
4. Include your email if you want a response (optional!)
5. Choose “An Individual”
6. Make sure you click the “Submit Comment” button

Each unique comment requires an individualized response from the Biden administration.

Comments that sound very similar are batched together as one comment. But even a short comment is better than no comment at all. Here are a few points you can make:

- Medicaid spending has increased dramatically since 2019, in particular, since the COVID-19 public health emergency. Improper payments account for much of this increase, resulting in the needless waste of billions of dollars.
- Failing to verify basic eligibility information and relying on self-reporting of income and other important factors will increase fraud.
- Increasing Medicaid spending to pay for more fraud is bad policy and crowds out other federal (debt relief, tax relief, defense, etc.) and state priorities (roads, education, tax cuts, etc.).
- This rule creates more red tape for states and will cost states billions of dollars.
- We need more fraud prevention – not less – in federal healthcare programs, like Medicaid and Medicare, so that we can afford to pay for the people (elderly, disabled, etc.) who really need it. 
- Expanding Medicaid by allowing more fraud is an insult to hard-working Americans.

TAKE ACTION: Submit your comment today

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