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Make it Safe for Young Girls to Go to the Bathroom

Monday, March 28, 2022 12:58 PM

Imagine living in fear that you can’t even go the bathroom without being sexually assaulted. It sounds like a scene from a bad horror movie. But the rumors you are hearing are true. Young girls are afraid to go to the bathroom at school because school superintendents and state lawmakers are letting predators set up shop in co-ed bathrooms and locker rooms. It is literally becoming an epidemic of violence against young girls and women.

Even worse – as we learned from a Virginia case last year – serial rapists are using school bathrooms to rape girls again and again. And most school superintendents are doing nothing about it. State lawmakers – with one exception – are doing nothing about it. That’s why it’s up to you – Christian parents and grandparents – to do something about it.

We need your help to stop this violence now. Lawmakers in Alabama need your help and your prayers to set the pace for the rest of the country.

Call and email your Alabama state senator now.

A bill (HB 322) before the Alabama Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs would require students to use multiple occupancy bathrooms and changing areas according to biological sex. According to the courageous sponsor of this bill, his goal is to protect the safety and privacy of young girls. He also warned that in his research, cases of girls getting raped in school bathrooms are “literally spread out throughout the entire state.”

But the Alabama legislative session is about to end, and this bill has been sitting in committee for weeks. Lawmakers have to act now or this bill will die.

The importance of HB 322 cannot be underestimated. Recently, the federal 11th Circuit Court of Appeals heard a case on a similar policy implemented by a Florida school board. School districts around the country know this is a problem and are begging state lawmakers to act. Doing so will set a clear standard as to what each school’s policy should be, reducing the risk of potentially very expensive litigation that will waste resources for schools and taxpayers.

If the court sees Alabama pass this bill it will send a clear message that parents are fed up with harmful policies that violate the privacy rights of female students when they go to the bathroom. These rights are at least as important as the rights of other students, who would still be free to use single-occupancy bathrooms.

That’s why your call and email to your Alabama state senator is so important today. 

Please stop the violence against girls and young women. Please contact your Alabama state senator today and ask them to support HB 322.

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