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Impossible Outrage? … Contact Your U.S. Senator Today!

Friday, March 18, 2022 9:11 AM

This has been a banner week for transgender activists. First, it was the release of an Adidas commercial proclaiming: "It's impossible … to compete as a transwoman. Impossible … No. I'm Possible. Impossible is nothing."

Adidas is hoping it's impossible for Christians like you to feel outrage anymore.

Then, there was the push by the gay lobby to stop an Alabama bill (HB 322) to protect the privacy of young girls when they go to the bathroom at school. (AFA is weighing in on this fight. Stay tuned for exciting news.)

The gay lobby is hoping the threat of schoolgirls being raped in bathrooms won't bother you.

The last straw was H.R. 2471, a bill being used to allow transgender biological men to benefit from violence against women and anti-rape programs. While the Democrats stood together to vote for H.R. 2471 – and the $1.5 trillion in spending it authorizes – 18 Republicans defected to vote against women and to fund Joe Biden's agenda.

These 18 Republicans are hoping you won’t hold them accountable.

H.R. 2471 is a key piece of President Joe Biden's plan to reshape America. It spends billions on a slew of Democrat priorities, funneling much of this money to Leftist interest groups, including LGBT community-based organizations. This includes "grants to eligible entities to enhance lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender specific services … that address the safety, emotional well-being, economic, housing, legal and workplace needs of LGBT victims."

Not even female domestic violence shelters – or their bathrooms or shower facilities – are safe from transgender predators. But, of course, neither are public school bathrooms.

Republicans should be fighting Joe Biden and his Democrat Congress tooth and nail. But 18 Republican senators voted for this legislation, amended to become the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2022.

If your senator voted against the bill, please thank them now. It's so important and will be remembered. But if your senator voted for H.R. 2471, contact them today to let them know you're watching and will be holding them accountable.

We have scored their vote and have prepared a pre-written letter based on their vote.

Please contact your Senators today!

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