Tell your Alabama representative to vote FOR Vulnerable Child Protection Act

Wednesday, March 10, 2021 7:53 AM


On March 2, the Alabama Senate passed the Vulnerable Child Protection Act to protect Alabama children from the radical, transgender agenda. This bill would prohibit a medical procedure or the prescription of medication to a minor child intended to alter the minor child’s gender [sex] or delay puberty, with certain exceptions.  This bill would also require schools to disclose related information concerning students to parents.  The bill has been transmitted to the House of Representatives for consideration

Please contact and urge your Alabama State Representative to vote "YES" on Vulnerable Child Protection Act and oppose any amendments.  The opposition is rallying their troops to stop this important bill. Your voice does make a difference!

Eagle Forum of Alabama had this to say about transgender issues in the state and provided the resources below: In Alabama permanent life altering medical treatments are being given to minors who have false beliefs about their bodies. In some states healthy 13-year-old girls are undergoing double mastectomies to alter their bodies and boys as young as 15 are getting castrated. In Alabama minors are given hormones to delay natural puberty as well as cross sex hormones which can cause irreversible damage They may also be referred for surgery. This bill gives children and adolescents time to mature in their healthy, developing bodies. It protects them until the age of 19 from harmful medications and procedures.    

Here are a few resources provided by our friends at Eagle Forum of Alabama:
EF’s VCAP 1 pager
EF’s  VCAP Background and Terminology Paper
Southeast Law Summary of the bills.

Again, please contact and urge your Alabama State Representative to vote "YES" on Vulnerable Child Protection Act and oppose any amendments

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