Tell Gov. Hutchinson to protect children from gender-reassignment surgery

Wednesday, March 31, 2021 5:43 PM


The Arkansas legislature has passed a good bill (H.B. 1570) that prohibits sex-change surgeries on minors. The bill has now been presented to Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R) to sign into law.

Our friends at the Arkansas Family Council also support this bill. They indicated the bill prevents funding of sex-reassignment procedures performed on children. 

- Email and then call Gov. Asa Hutchinson at (501) 682-2345 and ask him to sign H.B. 1570 into law.

- Tag Gov. Hutchinson on FaceBook at @asaforarkansas or post a message on his page here.

- Tag Gov. Hutchinson on Twitter at: @AsaHutchinson or post a comment on his twitter page here.

Jerry Cox, president of Arkansas Family Council, said, "Gender-reassignment surgeries can leave children sterilized and scarred for life. Medical researchers do not know the long-term effects these procedures and therapies can have on kids. That is why many people equate them with experimenting on children." 

The ACLU and other liberal, regressive activists are pressuring Gov. Hutchinson to veto the bill. So, please do not wait. 

Email and call Governor Hutchinson now at (501) 682-2345, and ask him to sign into law H.B. 1570, the bill prohibiting gender-reassignment procedures on children.

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