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Tell Biden, Congress to stop military vaccine mandate

Monday, November 1, 2021 3:26 PM

As the deadline looms for the systematic destruction of our nation's military readiness, I hope you will take action to contact President Biden and your members of Congress.

At issue is the COVID-19 vaccination mandate that will severely discipline members of the military who choose not to take the shot, including drumming them out of active and reserve duty altogether. 

All Air Force and Space Force members are required to be vaccinated by tomorrow. Currently, 12,000 active duty members of the Air Force have rejected the Pentagon's vaccination mandate and could face dismissal and even face military charges. Navy and Marine Corps members have until November 28 and Army soldiers have until December 15.

According to First Liberty, 40 members of the U.S. Navy SEALS, who represent over 350 years of military experience and more than 100 deployments, "are being threatened with punishment, involuntary separation or even court-martial … because they are seeking a legal, religious accommodation to the Department of Defense (DOD) vaccine mandate."

Furthermore, under federal law (Religious Freedom Restoration Act) and DOD regulations, service members have the legal right to seek a religious accommodation from any duty or requirement—including vaccines—that substantially burdens their sincerely held religious beliefs. Yet, ZERO religious exemptions have been granted among 1.4 million currently active service members.

"At a time when our adversaries continue to increase their quantitative and qualitative advantage against our forces, we should seek to ensure that no policy, even unintentionally, hinders military readiness," Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK) wrote in a letter to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

The bottom line is this: This mandate severely harms the effectiveness and readiness of our nation's security forces. The current and future lives of millions of Americans who faithfully serve our nation will be irreparably harmed.

Take Action

I urge you to contact President Biden and your members of Congress today, urging them to put an immediate halt to this socialistic vaccine mandate before any more damage is done as a result.

P.S. First Liberty has put together a resource for active service members who choose to pursue a religious exemption for the mandated vaccine. You can get it here.

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