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Navy bans sailors from going to church services, but not large parties

Monday, July 6, 2020 2:32 PM

UPDATE! (July 11, 2020)

Within one day of AFA Action issuing an alert asking you to contact President Trump, the U.S. Navy backtracked a June 24 directive that specifically banned Christian service members, including chaplains, from attending “indoor religious services.”

Since Monday, President Trump received more than 41,471 emails, urging him to order the Navy to rescind any portion of the directive that violated the religious liberties of military personnel.

According to First Liberty, Acting Under Secretary of the Navy Greg Slavonic “clarified” that service members could attend indoor religious services. “We are grateful to Acting Under Secretary Slavonic and Navy leadership for righting this ship, and to Commander in Chief Trump for making religious liberty a priority,” said Mike Berry, general counsel for First Liberty Institute.

The acting assistant secretary of defense clarified the policy on Tuesday and Slavonic issued his memo Wednesday, saying the June policy should not "be construed to restrict attendance at places of worship where attendees are able to appropriately apply COVID-19 transmission mitigation measures, specifically social distancing and use of face covering."

In other words, the Navy backed down from their unlawful religious discrimination policy. This is a major victory for Christians, especially those serving in the military.

AFA Action will continue to stand for righteousness and against those who want to take away our religious freedoms.


Thumbing its nose at President Trump's declaration that houses of worship are "essential places that provide essential services," the U.S. Navy has banned all Navy personnel, including chaplains, from attending in-house church services.
Ironically, the directive specifically approves other places where large numbers of people gather, including unlimited social gatherings, mass transportation, and long lines at the post office.
"It's ridiculous to consider the U.S. Navy issuing an order that says gathering for worship is banned, but gathering for a protest is OK," said Abraham Hamilton III, general counsel for American Family Association. "Though President Trump has declared churches are essential, our Navy has threatened to court-martial service members if they agree with the president and attend indoor church services. We have entered upside-down land."
According to First Liberty, at least one Air Force officer assigned to a Navy command has retained legal counsel and is demanding the Navy grant "religious accommodation to attend in-person religious services at his off-base church."
Brave military service members should never lose the very freedoms they risk their lives defending, including liberty to live out their faith by attending a religious service.
Take Action
As commander in chief, President Trump can correct this injustice immediately.
Send your email directly to President Trump now, urging him to use his authority to order the leadership of the Navy to rescind immediately any portion of the directive that restricts or prohibits any member of the military from attending worship services.

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