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Confused on the MS Marijuana vote? Learn more from AFA

Monday, November 2, 2020 5:47 PM


Mississippians will be voting to decide if they want to amend the Mississippi Constitution to make smoking marijuana a constitutional right.

Proponents of marijuana Initiative 65 have made the claim that 65 is all about medical marijuana, but an important distinction needs to be made between what is true, medical/pharmaceutical marijuana and what is raw, smokable marijuana.

Pharmaceutical marijuana is an FDA approved drug derived from the marijuana plant. This is true medical marijuana obtained by a doctor's prescription and is filled by a licensed pharmacist. Medical marijuana already exists, and the FDA has approved four drugs derived from the marijuana plant.

Raw, smokable marijuana, on the other hand, is not medical and is why the MS State Medical Association and American Medical Association (AMA) oppose marijuana 65 and 65A. Raw marijuana will be sold in marijuana shops that will practically show up in every small town across Mississippi, said Gov. Tate Reeves. The AMA declares marijuana an unproven drug that should not be added to the constitution.

The AMA is not alone in their opposition to adding marijuana to the MS Constitution. Other opponents include: MS Psychiatric Association

MS Psychiatric Association,  MS Chapter of American Academy of Pediatrics, MS Anesthesiologist Society, MS Chapter of American College of Cardiology, MS Hospital Association, MS Chapter of American College of Surgeons, MS Baptist Convention, MS Medical Association, MS Farm Bureau, MS Independent Pharmacy Association, MS District of the United Pentecostal Church, MS State Board of Health, MS State Board of Medical Licensure, MS Municipal League, MS Realtors Association, MS Association of Police Chiefs, MS Society of Otolaryngology, MS Gastroenterology Society, MS Academy of Eye Physicians and Surgeons, MS Bankers Association, MS Sheriffs Association, MS Osteopathic Medical Association, University of MS Medical Center, Pine Grove Mental Health, American Family Association, AFA Action, Governor Phil Bryant, Governor Tate Reeves, Federation of Republic Women, American Medical Association, Agricultural Commissioner Andy Gipson, Ole Miss Pharmaceutical Research Professors ElSohly & Walker, Hattiesburg Clinic Board, Former Secretary of State Eric Clark, and Mississippi Oncology Society.

Marijuana is an illegal drug and its dangers are not fully known. Changing the Mississippi Constitution in any way to allow its use is foolhardy.

The top portion of the ballot asks if you are "AGAINST" or "APPROVE" adding smokable marijuana to the Constitution. AFA is urging you to vote "AGAINST BOTH" marijuana initiatives.

On the top part of the ballot, a simple majority of voters (50%) is required to defeat the marijuana amendment. Urge friends and family to vote "AGAINST BOTH."

After voting "AGAINST BOTH" on the top part of the ballot...

…then go to the bottom part of the ballot to vote FOR 65A.

The bottom ballot determines how the state would oversee the sale of marijuana if a majority of voters "approve" of adding marijuana to the Constitution. If approved, your vote For 65A will help defeat 65, which is the marijuana industry's initiative, but also allow legislative oversight.

Measure 65A is the Mississippi Legislature's amendment. It can help ensure that only true, FDA-approved, pharmaceutical marijuana would only be available with a doctor's prescription and filled at a pharmacy. Except for those who are physician-certified terminally ill, smokable marijuana could still be made illegal by the legislature.

Measure 65 is the marijuana industry's amendment. Measure 65 does not allow the legislature to provide any oversight on marijuana. 65 does not require a doctor's prescription, and the drug would not be distributed in pharmacies. Instead, marijuana would be sold in an unlimited number of marijuana shops across Mississippi. Marijuana cardholders can purchase 2.5 ounces of smokable marijuana every 14 days or about 10 joints per day.

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