AFA Action endorses Mary Taylor for Governor of Ohio

Created: Friday, May 4, 2018:5:05 PM

AFA Action endorses Mary Taylor for Ohio governor

 The GOP primary is next Tuesday, May 8, and the race is closing fast.

AFA Action endorses Mary Taylor because she is a "full-spectrum" conservative:

• She's always been pro-life, without exceptions. She co-sponsored legislation to outlaw abortion in Ohio, and has promised to sign the Heartbeat Bill. She's the only candidate in the race endorsed by Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio.

• She supported the Ohio Marriage Amendment. She's fighting for parents’ rights. She vows to end Common Core, and opposes HB 512, Gov. Kasich’s "Common Core on steroids."

• She opposes amnesty for illegal immigrants, supports building President Trump's border wall, and opposes sanctuary cities – and she's vowed to use the power of the purse to shut them down. She'll impose penalties on local officials who don't enforce the law.

• She has always had an A rating from the NRA. She supported concealed carry in the Ohio House and voted to override the Taft veto to make it law. She's been endorsed by FRC Action PAC, Tea Party Patriots, all Ohio NRA Board Members, Ohioans for Concealed Carry, Ohio Carry, and Gun Owners of America.

• She voted against the Taft tax hike, and the GOP Establishment retaliated against her by kicking her off the Finance Committee. As state Auditor, she earned the Guardian of the Treasury Award.

Mary Taylor has been rated "Very Conservative" on AFA Action's iVoterGuide. Her opponent, Mike DeWine, has been rated as "Moderate." The iVoterGuide explains the reasons for the rating, but for other reasons for DeWine's moderate rating, click here.

Be encouraged to vote in next Tuesday's primary on May 8. Even the smallest increase in voter turnout can make a winning difference!

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