• Allstate knows better than God?

    The Allstate promotion of male, homosexual adoption does not share the reality that this child will grow up without the nurture that only a mother can provide. Nor does Allstate recognize the emotional trauma and questions this child will endure growing up in a home with two homosexual men.

  • Help stop faith-demeaning show, "Angel from Hell", on CBS

    CBS is airing a program titled "Angel From Hell," about a "not so good" guardian angel starring Jane Lynch. The previews alone can make believers sick to their stomachs with the content including crude humor, foul language and distasteful dialogue. Tell show sponsor, Capitol One, you strongly encourage them to drop all plans of financially supporting CBS's program "Angel From Hell."

  • Slumbering Christians, Wake Up

    Many believers remain asleep and avoid addressing problems that are a cause for alarm. Communities are rife with people given to the sin of drugs, drunkenness, sexual immorality, domestic violence, abortion, etc. Not only do they refuse to speak against such sin . . .

  • Indiana Senate Committee Considering Legislation that Threatens Religious Freedom

    Two Senate bills, in the name of religious freedom, actually create new special legal status for homosexuality and cross-dressing. These bills set new limits on religious speech and create punishments for those who live out their faith or hold to traditional values about marriage, family and morality.

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