• Politics Jesus' Way

    Many people view politics as this shady game that requires back alley deals and some dishonesty thrown in here and there. This isn’t the case. Take a look at Jesus. Some claim Jesus . . .

  • The Ideal Presidential Candidate

    What qualities does an ideal candidate for President have? Besides being a person of moral integrity, I came up with five. The ideal candidate: Knows the key principles and concepts our country was founded on, and understands these concepts are what made it possible for America to become great, prosperous, powerful, and free. . .

  • Tell your Senators: Block president's attempt to pack the Supreme Court

    While the Constitution gives the U.S. President the right to nominate Supreme Court justices, it also gives the Senate the right to reject them. The Constitution does not even require an unacceptable nominee be given a vote on the floor. President Obama might resort to a recess appointment to fill the seat temporarily. This must not be allowed to happen. When the Senate goes into recess for 10 days or more, this door is opened to the president.

  • South Carolina Presidential Voter Guide

    Voting stats show South Carolina primary turnout in 2012 was less than 20%. Get the AFA Action Voter Guide and encourage friends and family in SC to vote and be an informed voter. Most primary elections are won by a handful of votes. Your vote makes a difference.

  • Tell MS Senate to vote no on Sex Ed bill for 6-12 graders

    Tell your senator to vote no on sex ed bill. Under Republican control of Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves, the MS Senate Education Committee is set to bring up a sex education bill (SB2413) in committee at 9AM and could come up for a floor vote today at 10AM. This bill will remove the prohibition and allow the demonstration of condoms in the classroom.

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