Five MS Republicans Joining Liberal Democrats Against Religious Freedom

Created: Friday, April 1, 2016:6:46 PM


The following five (5) MS House Republicans sided with liberal democrats opposing HB1523 today that protects the freedom of religious conscience for people and businesses from government discrimination if they believe marriage is between one man and one woman.

If they are in your district, hold them accountable and tell them to VOTE YES on Monday for HB1523.

See their vote HERE.  Send them an email by clicking HERE.

If your House Representative is not "one of the 5," encourage them to VOTE YES on Monday for HB1523 by clicking HERE.






Rep. Shane Aguirre (R-Tupelo)
(662)844-1780 (H) Twitter: @shanemsrep17 --

Rep. Toby Barker (R-Hattiesburg)
(601)307-3802 (H) --

Rep. Scott DeLano (R-Biloxi)
(228)388-8087 (H) (228)806-7418 (W) --

Rep. Roun McNeal (R-Leakesvile)
(601)394-3920 (C) --

Rep. Rob Robertson (R-Starkvile)
(662)324-3810 (W) (662)418-2914 (C) --


Chart below is based on polling released today. To see the full results, click HERE.














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