Congratulations Roy Moore

Created: Friday, October 6, 2017:9:51 AM

Great news coming from the state of Alabama! A referendum on the do nothing U.S. Senate under Senator Mitch McConnell's (R-KY) leadership has begun with the primary election of Judge Roy Moore (R-AL) over the incumbent Senator Luther Strange (R-AL).

Judge Moore defeated Sen. Strange despite being outspent nearly 15:1. Judge Moore raised around $2 million compared to the $30 million raised to campaign for Sen. Strange. The Senate Leadership Fund, greatly influenced by Sen. McConnell, raised a significant portion of those funds. The DC establishment used these funds to launch political attacks against Judge Moore, who is a proven constitutional conservative Christian.

Contribute now to AFA Action to help us continue this momentum and bring to light constitutional conservative Christians who want to challenge the status quo.

It is now evident that without the political will of the people, money, slander and political attacks can't muscle their way into political authority by running roughshod over every day people. The emergence of the grassroots network that elected President Trump is becoming more visible at the state level, and this is evident in Alabama.

AFA Action endorsed Judge Moore because of his record on pro-life issues and traditional marriage, as well as his firm stand for the United States Constitution and his reverence and acknowledgment of God. This made him the clear choice in this important election.

Tim Wildmon, president of AFA Action, said, "I cannot remember a more critical time in our history as a nation when we have needed a conservative leader such as Judge Moore." Wildmon continued saying, "And just as I believe our country was given a second chance in November with the election of President Donald Trump, I believe that Judge Moore is a man for such a time as this."

AFA Action can help elect more candidates like Judge Roy Moore, but it costs money as you know. If you want to help continue this momentum, contribute as little as $5 or as much as God leads you to give.

AFA Action is committed to pushing back the progressive liberal agenda. Your support is essential to our advancement of truth. You can support AFA Action by giving securely online.

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